Access Product

With ASEA, there are three ways to access product.  Wholesale prices can be accessed through one of two membership types:  Associate or Preferred Customer. Alternatively, you may chose to purchase products directly at full retail as a Retail Customer.

ASEA Associate

Registration fee - $40 USD.  Receive membership that allows you to order wholesale on any product order, anytime.  Order whenever, as little or as much product as you require.

As an associate, you can also earn free products, earn commissions, and receive residual income using your free ASEA website to assist in placing your orders.

As an associate you also receive the ASEA welcome kit which includes both digital and printed marketing materials, a global marketing website, and a back office management system valued at $40.

Preferred Customer

No registration fee- pay wholesale prices, however must register to receive regular monthly automatic shipment.

Sign up as a preferred customer with a monthly subscription, and receive wholesale pricing and discounts on all of our products.

Retail Customer 

No registration fee - pay full retail.

Order any product, any time at the regular retail price.