'I will be': the enemy of 'I am'

Have you ever driven somewhere with your mind on auto-pilot, and then wondered how you even got there?  It's an incredible ability we all have: once we know how to do something, we can just switch our mind off and achieve complex tasks without thinking.   

But you know what, this skill...can also be a curse.

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Even champions need coaches.

It’s late summer here in the US and the evenings this week have been mostly spent at football practice. After training one night, one of our boys was approached by the coach who offered some constructive criticism about changes he wanted to see, in order to improve his performance. Our son became visibly upset and it was obvious that he found the advice hard to handle.

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Pearls from paradise.

If you happened to be scrolling through facebook the last few days you may have noticed that many of your Asea leaders have been busy splashing around in the Mexican sun.  

Ascent is an annual event put on by Asea in order to reward the hard work of qualifying Bronzes, Silvers, Golds and Platinums.  It's not just an opportunity to be spoilt in 6 star luxury on one of the most desirable beaches of the world, but it is (perhaps most importantly) an opportunity to rub sun-screened shoulders with some of the very best business builders in the world.

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Leaders need to fail

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the "luck?"  Is it really luck? Some people put themselves in enough situations that their number is due to come up sooner or later. They do the things that others aren't willing to do to be successful - so, in failing more than others, they put themselves in the position to succeed. They fail, they learn and they try again a little better the next time. They "fail forward." They "fail into things." Put it however you want, the result is still the same.

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Sharpen the Axe 

Every now and again, even the most skilled woodsman (or woman) must pause to sharpen the tools of their trade.  Success doesn't just happen as a result of skill, or even effort, but often as a result of effectiveness.

If you're swinging with a blunt axe, you risk wearing yourself out before you've made a dint on the tree.

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