Even champions need coaches.

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It’s late summer here in the US and the evenings this week have been mostly spent at football practice. After training one night, one of our boys was approached by the coach who offered some constructive criticism about changes he wanted to see, in order to improve his performance. Our son became visibly upset and it was obvious that he found the advice hard to handle.

When we got in the car, we asked him why he was upset and helped to see the guidance as a positive instead of a negative. Mat reminded him that even top players like Lary Fitzgerald has a coach. In fact, champions ARE champions becausethe have coaches.

The reality is that from time to time, all of us struggle with taking guidance. However there is a truth that we must all accept: if we already knew all we needed to know, we would already be exactly where we needed to be.

And so if we are not already living the life we want to live, we must be open to growth. Determination and persistence are admirable traits; but they are not enough. You could be persistently doing the wrong thing: repeating bad habits, stuck inside broken belief systems.

There is only one way through the forrest: follow the path already carved out by someone else. If you are serious about building an Asea business (or succeeding at any endeavour) make sure you are connecting with a coach at least once a week. Find a person in your upline who has achieved at least your next goal or more.

In order for mentorship to be successful we must:

> Be willing to listen. Coaching sessions are not for us to tell our coach everything we're doing, but for us to listen.
> Be willing to be challenged. If you’re finding some of the information confronting because it makes you stretch, you’re with the right coach.
> Be willing to apply what you learnt. Trust your coach and be ready to evolve.

Learning to BE coached, will make you a great coach too.