But I don't know anybody...

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Ever heard anyone say this?  Have you ever said this to yourself?

Lets be real- what we are really saying is "I don't know anyone that would like to do this"

The problem with this statement is that shows that we are making decisions on behalf of others and we are blocking the flow of this awesome opportunity.  Each one of us has a family, friends, old neighbours, people we went to school with, people we worked with, people we met travelling, people from the kids school, people from a gym or club you belong to.

It's not fair to make decisions on their behalf.  Someone shared this with you, pass on the same courtesy.

But I don't want to jump all over people to tell them about Asea.

Good.  It's best if you don't!  But don't keep your mouth shut either.  Find a comfortable, healthy and helpful way to share this important information with them- because everyone deserves to know.

Most households are struggling with either a health crisis or a financial crisis.  We have the answer to both in one bottle.

And once you've spoken to every single person you know (and this would take you years by the way) - then don't stress, there are new people to connect with in every day.

I don't go about my day thinking 'who can I talk to about Asea?'.  I go about my day just connecting with people because I like people.  I say hello, how are you?  How's your day been? What brings you here?  What a cute kid.  Thank you for the great service.... from there, I am AMAZED how often people open up and share openly; and if it is relevant, I will offer them information.

Aside from people you meet in person, there are a million other ways to meet people today... on wonderful platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Shapr, Instagram... etc.  

Bottom line- we are surrounded by people.  And there isn't a single one of them walking around without dwindling numbers of these important molecules.  

You have been offered something amazing - with impact on both your health and finances.  Pay it forward.

Walk proudly, change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives