No body wakes up one day and decides they want to be a failure.

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The mess we sometimes get ourselves into is hardly ever the result of ONE giant decision, it is more often than not, the result of many many small decisions.

They may seem insignificant at the time, but after a while, the long trail of small poor decisions make a significant impact.  

> I don't think I have the time today
> I'm not sure I should bother trying
> They will probably say no, so I won't ask

We stand on the mountains that we build.  We fall into the deep valleys that we create.

The powerful responsibility that we have over our own lives, as designers of our destiny, is to CHOSE success or to chose failure.  The important thing to remember however, is that this choice is not made once, but it is made daily.  And it is not made by our words, but by our actions.