What it takes to be a Diamond.

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There is no denying that when we set our sights for success in this business, it is inevitable that we think: Diamond & beyond.

But what does it take to go Diamond?  And what does it mean when we do?

Diamond is so much more than a qualification - it is an elevation. It is an elevation of a business, of a lifestyle, and a mindset.  We celebrate Diamond because it signifies impact; it tells the world that we have stepped outside our comfort zone and we have been bold enough to transform the lives of others.

The greatest misconception is that becoming a Diamond is an achievement measured in the growth of PV, or sales volume.  In truth, it is an achievement resulting from the growth of a person.  The more we become, and more the business growth will follow.

The great news is that the person we become, is entirely under our control.  Sales might not be, people's activity might not be... but our own personal growth truly is a privilege at our own disposal.  

To have the life you'd like to have, figure out the person you need to be.