You were made to fly.

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Have you ever had a season in your life when everything seems to be going wrong?  We have all had times when the weight of the world just felt like it was on top of us and we couldn't see a way out.

It is often only years later, once we've come out the other side, that the tough times we went through finally make sense.  Hardship is never pointless, for it is only in the dark times that we learn the lessons we need in order to step into the light.

If you're going through some tough times, perhaps one way to get through them faster is by asking: what are the lessons I am supposed to learn here in order to get through to the other side?

- What are the belief systems I need to change?
- What are new choices I need to make?
- What are the habits I need to break?

What are the fears I need to overcome?  Who do I need to become?

The moment we accept responsibility for a tough situation in our life, is the same moment we become empowered to get through it.  We are the architects of our world; we are responsible for all our failures and all our success.

There is incredible freedom when we finally embrace our power, spread our wings and realise that the mountains only seemed insurmountable because we had forgotten that we were made to fly.