How to nail the Follow Up!

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In the past few days I have found myself in several conversations about The Follow Up.  It's incredibly important to be connecting with people daily, however, it's equally important to return to those contacts with confidence and have the skills to lead them through to a decision.  

Notice we said, 'a decision', and not a 'close'.  When it comes to Asea, we are not 'closing a sale'- unless all you are ever seeking is an active job in product sales.    If your vision is to develop a large organisation and an ongoing residual income, you will need to remember that you are looking for leaders.  People who share your vision, who are self motivated, driven to their own goals and who want to make an impact- on their lives and others.

And so our focus needs to be different, and our conversations need to be bigger.  You will not drag a person into success.  We interview people, educate them on what we have on our hands and help them make a decision.

Guide to a Successful Follow Up:

  • The only bad follow up is the one you don't do.

  • Set up the follow up at the end of your first call: "John, I'm going to send you some information links after we jump off the phone.  Do you think you will have a chance to review them before Monday?... Great, let me call you back on Tuesday to answer any questions and we can proceed from there".

  • When you first call, remind them that you promised them you'd call: "Hi John, its Cristina here.  Giving you a bell as promised to check in how you've gone with the information..."

  • Don't ask them open ended questions like what 'they though of it', guide them instead towards a positive response by asking,"what resonated with you most about the information?" 

  • Try not to ask if they would 'like to join' or 'what did you like?'.  Poor decisions are made around what we 'like' or 'not like'.  What really matters, is: can this lead me to my dreams?  So centre your questions instead around goals they are trying to achieve, changes they are seeking to make in the next 5-10 years...

A great way to move a prospect forward is:

"May I ask you John, now that you've had a chance to review the information, is your interest as a consumer, or are you looking at the commercial potential/ opportunity?"  

  • LEAD people to the next step: "That's great John; the next step from here is to book a time to get you started... etc"

  • If they still have doubts, or are asking lots of questions, do not spend hours on the phone.  Move them forward towards more information (eg a webinar, a live meeting) or edify an 'expert' and book them into a three way call with your upline.

And most important tip: don't attach yourself to the outcome.  There is always another prospect, there is always another call.  No single person is going to define your business.  The only person who has a say in your future, is you.