If Not You, Who?

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A new week, a new month; and I ask myself the question- how can I make this one better?  How can make this one count?

Wait a minute... did I ask myself that question?  Did you?  

It's entirely possible, in fact incredibly common, for people not to ask themselves that question.  Or any question.  Denial is a pretty comfy (yet costly!) place.  We wake up and repeat the same patterns, suffer through the same problems and repeat the same mistakes.  Is it a mystery therefore, that we don't see change in our lives?  Is it a mystery that we sometimes stay stuck?

This week we launch a new series of team trainings globally.  They are designed specifically to carry a person from the beginning of their journey with Asea, through to the higher ranks.  But the training obviously only works if applied.

And it will only serve you, if you're ready to make a change.  Whether you are being propelled by a dream, or chased by a nightmare- are you ready to take control?

You don't need to be a certain type of person, or have a specific kind of skill.  Everything in this (and any other business) can be learnt, outsourced or leveraged.  What nobody else can give you, is the desire to make a change.

My question to you today, as we kick off July is: if it's not you who is running the show, then who is? Your boss?  The bank? Your past?  Your fears?  The critics?  Are they holding onto the steering wheel of your life, driving your choices, affecting your results- or are you?  Have you truly got both hands on the wheel of your life?

If you haven't, here's how you take the first step towards transformational change:

1. Take stock of where you really are: the truth about your circumstances, the cold hard facts about what you need to change.
2. Accept responsibility for all that needs to change:not like its punishment, but like its a gift.  Because it is.

The day we embrace full responsibility as the only true agent of change in our lives, is the day all your obstacles disappear. 

Walk proudly change maker.
Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives