Pearls from paradise.

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If you happened to be scrolling through facebook the last few days you may have noticed that many of your Asea leaders have been busy splashing around in the Mexican sun.  

Ascent is an annual event put on by Asea in order to reward the hard work of qualifying Bronzes, Silvers, Golds and Platinums.  It's not just an opportunity to be spoilt in 6 star luxury on one of the most desirable beaches of the world, but it is (perhaps most importantly) an opportunity to rub sun-screened shoulders with some of the very best business builders in the world.

What is this kind of knowledge worth to you?  It's priceless.

As I sit on a plane home, I reflect on some of those key conversations I had with my heroes (floating past in the pool with a Margarita in hand!), and I know some of their words will mark landmark moments on my journey.  One of these pearls of wisdom, came out of a brief conversation with Triple Diamond and legend Leland Duyck - well known and loved as a man of quiet strength and integrity, who famously went Diamond in 14 weeks and has continued to break records since.

Curious about the incredible pace he sets as a builder, I asked him a whether he chose to lead with the product or the business.  In his case, after having had a radical and transformational experience with Asea, he shared that he finds it natural to lead with his love for the product and encourage people he comes into contact with to check out Asea.  

In fact, in the two times I saw him around the pool, he was talking to strangers about our amazing molecules.  He’s a fabulous and heartfelt storyteller.  He isn’t loud or forceful, he is passionate and has clearly found a natural way to share his story.  From there, it's a natural evolution that many chose to follow him into the business.  

This was his message to me: it’s not about choosing whether to talk about the product or the opportunity.  You can’t have a conversation about the opportunity, without explaining the product.  What matters, is that you find what lights YOU up.  What are YOU passionate about?  People will sense that a fire burns in you, and will come to sit closer to the warmth.

Don’t be obsessed with strategy, find your passion and spread the love.

Walk proudly change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives