Seek to be an expert on people, not molecules.

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It occurred to me today, whilst sifting through notes for an upcoming event just HOW MUCH information we have at our disposal and how sometimes, its easy to forget that our business is really very simple.  Contrary to the belief of some, we are not in the business of biochemistry, we in the business of people

Sure it’s important to know how to explain the basics, and to know where to send people who require more detail.  But at the end of the day, its imperative to remember that the main reason people will come on board with you will not be because of the bonds between molecules, but the bonds between people.

Do you inspire trust?  Do you exude warmth?  Are you a leader worth following?

We are measured in life and rewarded by the value we offer the world.  And since we cannot give away what we don’t have, our success is directly related to our development and personal growth.  Not by how well I can explain the Crebb cycle, or in how much detail I can recite the compensation plan…. But by my ability to connect with, inspire and lead people.

People don’t follow a good idea.  People follow good people.

If you’d like to be a leader of thousands, firstly become an amazing leader of one. Work on yourself for our organisations are truly a reflection of who we are.  So when you look at your team, there should be no surprises.  If you’d like a better team, become a better leader.

When you move through life with passion, with consistency, with focus, in the joyful and consistent pursuit of a worthwhile dream, you forge a path upon which others want to follow.

Walk proudly change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives