The Magic of Momentum

Any business requires a level of consistency and discipline.  One of my favourite quotes which summarises this beautifully is:

In the struggle between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins.  Not by strength, but by perseverance.

When a new associate gets started, it is normal to want to generate momentum.  We want to get to the excitement fast.  We launch forward with optimism and after the initial burst of activity, we look back to see who is following.

If we haven't found our first big leader yet, its only natural to become disheartened.  It's natural, but it's ineffective.  Any entrepreneur will tell you that there is ALWAYS a lag between the season of sowing and and the season of reaping- in any business.

It often astounds me that people will come into our industry and become frustrated if they aren't making a big income immediately.  And yet if we look at any other business or endeavour, such as opening a restaurant or store, it can often be YEARS before the owner makes any profit.     

In Asea, we don't need to wait years.  Associates around the world who chose to treat this as a business, are able to make six figure incomes in months.  The average time to Diamond is 21 months- with a reported average income of approximately $20,000/month its really an impressive growth curve!

These rewards however, will be only be reaped by those who understand the principles of consistency.  Success is reserved for those who learn to operate without attachment to the emotion of results; who march on without looking back every five minutes to see who is following.  

Success belongs to those who stop poking at this like a hobby, and commit to this as their business.   

When YOU know where you are going, with certainty and with passion, others will follow.

That is the magic of momentum.  

Walk proudly, change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives