The Greatest Present.

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The hands of the clock seem to be ticking faster each day- the pace of life in the world today has become incredibly fast and as the days turn quickly into months, it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy and allow the present moment to pass us by.

I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle's masterpiece 'The Power of Now' and I am reminded how much time I have wasted replaying stories from my past, and worrying about things in the future that may not come.  

The present, is after all, the only moment that is real.  It is the only moment over which we have influence, within which we can create impact.  The more we become able to live inside each present moment, the more we are able to release our history- the pain and fears which may hold us back.  The more we stop concerning ourselves with the future, the more we can direct our energies towards actually creating it, from the present moment.

This is not to say that we shouldn't plan or dream about the future.  Of course we must.  But the key point is that we learn to bring that future desire into our PRESENT state of being.  If you dream of being successful, or of being a great leader, then wishing for it or craving it somewhere in your future keeps you away its realisation.  By the very act of seeing it in the distance, instead of embodying it in the 'now', you have created a gap which you may never breach.

You can spend your life dreaming that some day you'll be successful.  But the moment you start living like it has already happened and you are that person NOW, is moment your dreams actually start becoming real.

Walk proudly change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives