Am I being productive or reactive?

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In the daily frenzy of running a business, it can sometimes be difficult to notice the difference between daily activities that keep us "busy" and those that move us FORWARD.

The question to ask ourselves is, am I being productive, or am I just busy?

It is very easy to get caught up with the 'urgent', the 'interesting' and even the 'easy'.  We watch webinars, we chat for hours with team members, we scroll through dozens of testimonies... and whilst any of these activities can be useful and exciting, they should never be at the expense of activities that drive your business forward.

So what are the activities that drive our business forward?

When it comes down to it, there are really THREE main activities that are growth producing at the frontier of a network marketing business.

1. Connecting with new people
Do you have a daily activity goal of how many new people you MUST reach out to daily?  After all, as pioneers, we are in the business of 'sharing' and educating.  If we are not speaking with new people, we are not growing.

2. Getting a new person started
It's not enough to walk them in through the door, as leaders, it is our role and responsibility to get new folk started well and set up for success.  Who is your latest leader that you need to launch this week?

3. Coaching.
The longevity and duplication of an organisation depends largely on our capacity to replicate ourselves and coach new leaders.  Make time weekly to connect with the people that are making it happen in your team, and help them stay on track and with clarity to their dreams. 

As an aim, try to spend at least 80% of your time inside these high yielding, growth orientated activities- and you can guarantee your business will continue to move forward.

Walk proudly, change maker.

Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executive