Sharpen the Axe 

Every now and again, even the most skilled woodsman (or woman) must pause to sharpen the tools of their trade.  Success doesn't just happen as a result of skill, or even effort, but often as a result of effectiveness.

If you're swinging with a blunt axe, you risk wearing yourself out before you've made a dint on the tree.

The same thing can happen in the process of building a successful organisation.  Any business, whether it be a pizzeria or a network marketing opportunity, requires the adoption of some new skills.  Skills like how to talk to people, how to help them make a decision, how to handle objections, how to lead... the great thing is that you can learn all these on the go.  In fact, you can ONLY learn them on the go.

Sharpening the axe is not about taking a break to work on your business.  It's about taking the time to work on you.

This week, as I reflect, I realise that I spent much of my time being busy, and not enough time being effective. I needed to take a deep breath and go back to my goals, reflect on the things that are working and the things I need to seek help on.  

I needed to go back and focus on my WHY and stop stressing out about the HOW.

Make sure that on your journey you also make these little pit stops, they can be once a day or once a week, when you take a few moments to meditate and reflect on the reasons behind your goals.  What is your mission? What is the legacy you plan to leave behind?

Because it's only with this kind of clarity of vision, that you'll have the strength to knock down all the giants in your path.

Walk proudly, change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives

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