Keep it simple.

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This week we have been working hard to build some tools to help builders in our team, and it has struck me just how much material there is already out there.  When I think about it, there is no shortage of information, sometimes what we need is less.

What I mean by that, is that we need to learn to keep things simple.  If you really think about it, there are only three main activities that grow our business.

Use Asea, Share Asea... and teach others to do the same.

Its easy to get caught up learning every detail of the comp plan, watching endless videos on redox biochemistry, making our powerpoints extra pretty and building fantastic spreadsheets... and while there is some merit to all the above, they ultimately don't move our business forward.

What will change your life, is in direct proportion to how much you change the lives of others.

So don't stress about having the perfect contacting script, or having complete knowledge of the workings of the mitochondria.  Seek simply to connect with the people around you, and look for ways to impact their life.

On the plane ride home I sat behind a lady suffering from a migraine.  I could overhear the conversations with airline staff, as they sought to make her comfortable.  I tapped her on the shoulder and simply said, "Excuse me interrupting, but I think I have something that could help", as I handed her a tube of Renu.

Twenty minutes later, she was sleeping soundly and by the time we landed she was asking me how she could get hold of more.  It really isn't that hard to see a need and meet it.  Whether someone is hurting with their health, or hurting with their finances, just remember that you have something that can help.

Live it, share it, and teach others to do the same.

Walk proudly change maker.

Mat and Cristina Williams 
Diamond Executives